Why Can't You Just Give Me Samples?


Why Can't You Just Give Me Samples?

Why Can’t You Just Give Me Samples?

Patients seem to believe that physicians are given an never󿿞nding supply of free samples that we can load into shopping bags and give to patients, sparing them the cost of their medications or the inconvenience of going to the pharmacy.

This belief is simply not true, especially in these days of generic medications (they do NOT sample) and pharmaceutical company cutbacks.

We do get some samples, but certainly not enough to supply even a handful of our patients’ complete needs. Samples are not meant to substitute for a regular supply of the medicine, but to be given when we are not sure if a patient can tolerate a medication so they do not purchase and then waste an entire prescription. They are not "freebies” but tools that the pharmaceutical company gives us to help you.

In an ideal world all your medicines would be free. But we don’t live there yet, so for now, please don’t be upset with us when you ask for samples and we don’t have any to give you. And please understand that if you were given a sample at your initial visit so we could be sure you had no reactions to the medicine, that does not translate into a lifetime supply. Doctors treasure the fact that you’ve chosen us to care for you, and we hate to disappoint you but we have to live realistically within the current health care system.