Why Am I Writing This Blog?


Why Am I Writing This Blog?

Why Am I Writing This Blog?

I hate watching my profession deteriorate into a bottom line business. I’m committed to a vision of returning care and compassion where it has been lost and to retain it where it still exists. As part of my vision, I have this (perhaps selfish) vehicle to express my thoughts, beliefs and ideas. And maybe I’ll say something worthwhile that will make a difference, even a small one.

Healthcare is not a business, it’s a sacred profession where doctors, nurses, healers of all kinds offer our skills to help patients deal with illness, pain, and death.

Corporate America and our Government, however, would propose that a visit to a physician or healer is a commodity, a “thing” for which a hard dollar value can be assigned.

That is simply not true. The problem is, in my opinion, simple:


There is a false belief in our society and our world that having more money will make us happier. Everybody wants more at the expense of others. Lawyers file suits not to obtain justice but because of the huge windfall possible. Doctors pack in more patients than they should see or use physician extenders in unethical ways. Insurance companies forget that their responsibility is to people, not stockholders and patients want unlimited healthcare but don’t want to pay anything for it.

It doesn’t work that way. We’re not going to fix the problem until we realize we’re one family on this planet — the human family. We are here to care for one another. Nature operates on the foundation of cooperation, not competition.

That’s the solution.

But the solution is spiritual.

And so many of us have not awakened to that belief.

At least not yet.

But I’ll keep talking about this. Maybe somebody’s listening.