What I Can Do To Change The World


What I Can Do To Change The World

What I Can Do To Change The World

I’m pretty upset with our government. My Congressman’s office called the other day requesting money for his campaign. Before I share my response, I have to disclose that my Congressman, Peter Roskam is, in my opinion, better than most. He seems to be a decent, honest guy who works hard to try to make the right choices. But I refused to give him funds for his campaign. Not only was this a bad year for me, but I’ve been thinking about our leaders in government. They only have to work two years for a full pension, lifetime health insurance that they want to penalize us for buying, don’t participate in social security although you and I have to, and can use insider information to trade stocks. You and I would go to jail for that. It’s incredible and I told his aide that as soon as Congressmen and Senators vote themselves the same rules as they make me play by, I’ll help support them.

On top of corrupt government, the world seems to be going downhill economically. Europe is scrambling to shore up countries so bloated with greed and this can only go on for so long. Our economy, linked to China. has the same problems.

When I look at newspapers and magazines, I despair at reading stories about talentless “reality stars” who have very little reality about them.

Is it all hopeless?

Absolutely not.

Although I am powerless to change things on a global level, I can make changes in my own environment. I continue to see patients with economic issues for what they can afford to pay. I can log out of Facebook and other social network programs and have authentic conversations about real issues with my patients, family, and friends. I can smile at people, leave a few dollars extra as a tip when I dine out, open doors for others, and check on my neighbors. I can be there for my friends who are going through illness and family issues.

If we all start to live as if we were all one family, the world would eventually turn around.

All I have to do is the right thing — each and every moment and make choices from love and compassion, not from my own self-interest.

Try it on this holiday season and see if it feels good for you. Maybe you’ll want to continue it all year.