I’ve been getting lots of wonderful responses to my blog.

Most of them request that I continue to write. (Some of them are spam advertisements for inexpensive Viagra!)

Thank you for your kind comments.

It’s New Year’s Day and I’m taking the time to look back on the past year.

I am grateful that people are reading what I write and liking it.

I will continue to write my thoughts and feelings.

My vision is to bring care and compassion back to healthcare (and the planet). You can be part of that vision.

Share what you find here. Let’s take the message viral:

The doctor/patient relationship is not a bottom line commodity. It is something sacred and healing.

Our society is addicted to greed — to a belief that having more money will make us happier. That is simply wrong.

We cannot change society, but we can change ourselves and turn away from the lie that materialism equals happiness.

Spread the message by being it.