Rude Patients


Rude Patients

Rude Patients

Am I just getting old or is it too much to ask people for common courtesy?

I walk into exam rooms to find patients on their cellphones asking me to hold on while they finish their call. I usually leave the room and see a few other patients before going back, often to a patient upset that “they had to wait for me.” I humbly, but with a bit of tongue in cheek, explain that I was sure their call was very important or they would not have taken it during a doctor visit and I wasn’t sure how long they would be on the phone.

Is it too much to ask people to stop texting when I am trying to explain their problem to them? Of course, if their texts are important for national security, they should let me know and I’ll understand.

Do mothers have to feed their children raisins in order to keep them behaved then ignore them as they drop and grind them into the carpet? Yes, we do have large signs asking people not to eat in the office.

When did rummaging through supply drawers and helping yourself to bandaids and gauze become acceptable?

I have really nice chairs in my exam rooms. The undersides were not created to store used gum, nor was my chair in the treatment room purchased as a footrest for dirty shoes or boots.

We have handouts in our exam rooms. Some patients think they are coloring paper for their children. Considering printing costs, is it it too much to ask us for scrap paper?

There. I’ve vented my frustration.

I love my patients but even those we love can sometimes drive us crazy.

And thanks to the great majority of those who are respectful of the office!!