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Mole Removal

Moles occur in many shapes and sizes and can be anywhere on the skin. Some (congenital moles) are present at birth, while others appear as we age, frequently during adolescence. Some people call them "beauty marks" and consider them attractive. Others are bothersome and can even be dangerous. Cosmetic shave removal is the answer for people who dislike how a mole looks and want to improve their appearance. Dr. Greenberg specializes in cosmetic mole removal and has removed thousands during his long and distinguished career.


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To learn more about Mole Removal call our Elk Grove Village office at 847.364.4717 or make an online apointment.

Nobody can remove a mole with absolutely no resulting scar or imperfection where the mole was, however, shave technique is the easiest, least painful, and frequently offers the best cosmetic results. Many patients claim they are almost unable to see any scar a few months after the removal. Shave technique, the easiest and often least costly method of removing moles is not the only choice. A consultation with Dr. Greenberg will answer any questions you have.

The cost of a cosmetic shave removal averages $400 including pathology fees. All specimens are sent to our dermatopathology laboratory for examination by a board certified dermatopathologist.

And here’s an interesting twist – if the pathologist discovers any abnormality in the mole that qualifies it to be covered under your health insurance, our office will file with your insurance and refund the difference between your fee and any charges you are responsible for after insurance settles the claim.

The advantages of shave removal of nevi are:
Minimal discomfort.
After the initial injection of local anesthetic, there is no discomfort or pain.

No sutures.
The wound is sealed by electrocautery that leaves a scab. There is no itchy or painful pulling of stitches during the healing phase.

Superb results.
Because the mole is shaved flat to the surface of the skin, the resultant scar is minimal.

Without sutures to be removed, fewer office visits are required.

Shave removal is much quicker than excision. More than one mole can be removed during a single visit.

To learn more about Mole Removal call our Elk Grove Village office at 847.364.4717 or make an online apointment.

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