KEYNOTE ADDRESS by Michael Greenberg, MD


KEYNOTE ADDRESS by Michael Greenberg, MD

KEYNOTE ADDRESS by Michael Greenberg, MD


Finding Happiness in an Age of Chaos — Returning Spirituality to Our Practices

Speaker: Michael Greenberg, MD

Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015 / 12:35 PM — 1:15 PM

We and our practices now exist in a medical environment of stress due to outside restrictive regulations, skyrocketing patient deductibles, and spiraling rises in the prices of medication. We get paid less to work harder and the passion and humanity that led us to our profession can easily get lost in a vortex. Our level of joy in the practice of Dermatology has been eroded. Yet it is possible to find some relief and to re-humanize and refresh our practices. Maybe the system can’t change, but we can. This interactive workshop will suggest practical solutions starting by taking an honest look at the problem. Come and explore ways we can increase the level of happiness and satisfaction for both ourselves and our patients.

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