How To Shave


How To Shave

How To Shave

Many of us men learn to shave either by trial and error or from observing our fathers. And we wonder why our faces are irritated or peppered with tiny spots of dried blood. The steps below, by teaching you what Dad failed to do (because his Dad failed to teach him!) will insure a smooth and comfortable face.

To start, don’t think of shaving as the necessary evil we men have to do for taking the bite of that apple back in Eden.

Done the correct way, it’s a cool male ritual that can be part of a daily meditation program – a few minute respite before the day unfolds. Plan on ten minutes. Make a decision to enjoy it.

Your beard hairs are about the strength of copper wire. That’s tough for any razor to handle. Hot water is the secret stuff that turns those copper wires to mush. In old movies, gangsters often get shot in barbershops, their faces covered with steaming hot towels.

Shaving in the shower doesn’t work well because shaving requires much hotter water than your body can tolerate. Fill the sink with the hottest water you have. Grab a washcloth or hand towel and soak it in the hot water, then wring it out. Hold it against your face. Keep it hot with more water. Two or three minutes and you’re ready to attack.

Next comes a thin layer of shave oil. It makes the blade glide smoothly.

Finally, you are ready for shave cream. The best is the very oldest: brush and shaving soap. Buy the best real badger brush you can afford. It’s a lifetime investment if you also buy a rack to hang it upside down as it dries. When you are done, you will rinse the bush and shake any extra water from the bristles. Set to dry resting on its end, water drains into the glue holding the bristles together and the brush eventually falls apart.

Choose whatever razor you like — two, three, or ten blades. The number of blades doesn’t matter so long as you don’t try to get two year’s of shaves from each of them.

So now you’re oiled and have a thick layer of warm soapy foam on your face. Take your razor and shave any way that is comfortable. Some guys shave with the grain of their beards and others against it. I do both for different areas of my face. You’ll figure out which works best for you. The most important thing is to let your razor do the work. Remember, you’re no longer in the wire cutting business, but in the gel slicing field. If you’re prepared your face correctly and did not rush any of the steps, your razor will glide through your beard.

Rinse the extra soap off and feel how soft your face is!

Now comes the final magic: after-shave balm. Apply a thin coat of the balm to the areas you just assaulted with you razor. Then, (very important step) take a hand towel, soak it in hot water like you did earlier to soften your beard and wrap it tightly around your face in the same manner you would wrap a towel around your waist. Tuck it in behind your neck and make sure it is tight against your facial skin. Leave it there for a few minutes. It makes the balm work better and, at the same time, stops any little tiny blood spots from forming.

Now take your shower, get dressed and face the day with the best shave you ever had.