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Am I Crazy?


Am I Crazy?

Am I Crazy?

Just for fun, I should look at my consumer rating sites. I’m sure that today’s angry patient is going to leave a negative posting.

She was nicely dressed with an obvious skin problem, but she was a new patient and showed up without her insurance card or verification of coverage. When informed that without the card she would have to cover the cost of the visit and we would reimburse her after we got the card, she insisted that she was only going to pay her copay.

Our first mistake was that when she started to cry, my front office staff caved and brought her back to an exam room.

I was halfway through her visit and stepped out to let her put on a gown when my billing manager told me about the situation. I went back in the room and hoped to clear up the issue, telling her how uncomfortable I was about this but going over the office policy that she would have to cover the visit cost without the card.

She began to cry again, telling me that she has been in healthcare for 35 years and never heard of this. 𠇊m I crazy?” I thought to myself. If she’s been in healthcare, she would be the first to understand. That was our second mistake. I told her that.

She decided she wasn’t happy with me and informed me I had a trust issue. Maybe I shouldn’t have said what I did, but I suggested that even if the local supermarket knows her, which I don’t, she can’t go without any form of payment, get the groceries she wants and dictate when and how she will cover the cost.

Maybe I am crazy, but I wouldn’t have the nerve to obtain goods or services from anybody, especially a stranger, and dictate payment terms to them.